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FCT test fixture Introduction
   FCT test fixture is using for test the functions of the product. FCT and ICT have similarities but some differences, they are all using for test the PCB Board. ICT test fixture is mainly using for testing the PCB semi-finished products, and FCT test fixture is using for testing the functions of PCB board that equipped in components.

  FCT test fixture is a functional test and is mostly professional custom-made. According to the different features of the product to design fixture. Now allow me to brief introdution the manufacturing process for Hellen Electronic Technology.

  1. According to the product and customer's requirements, got the most suitable control mode to design the fixture and pressing plate, support plate and other test modules.
  2. Design the pressing plate and support plate position must be accurate, to prevent crush the test plate.
  3. The test fixture position must be accurate, smooth docking connector.
  4. Test fixture will design a specifica test area, according to the product size to design the test area.
  5. The test fixture interface position should be correct, enough space and reasonable layout.

  FCT Test fixture is the necessary equipment in the elelctronics manufacturing industry. The best protection is to improve the quality of the product. FCT test fixture is divided into three types: manual , semi-automatic and automatic, the semi-automatic control mode fixture in electronic industry is the largest demand.

  The electronic company select fixture manufacturers focus on the production experience and technical team work. The quality of FCT test fixture is the key of useful life and the correct operation and maintenance it will affect its useful life. Pay attention to operating FCT test fixture:
  1. Check the fixture line connection.
  2. Note the fixture temperature and pressure tolerance range.
  3. Fixture must be maintained and clean after use.


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