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   Using test fixture can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Test fixtures placed on the production line and runs through the beginning of the end products produced.Different products require different types of test fixtures. Now allow me to brief introdution the production fixtures for Hellen Electronic Technology.
   Before production the test fixture the designer need to collect all aspects of product requirements and customer data to design drawings. After design is for material selection and its very important to select the suitable material. Good materials will reflect the quality of fixture. The material of test fixture contains: test probe, test cable, plate etc. Let me introduces this materials for you.

   Test probe is mainly reflected in the quality of the material, coating, spring, casing diameter precision and craftsmanship. More about the selection of test probes are described in detail in a previous article.

   Selection the test plate:
Test fixture in the selected plate using acrylic (PMMA), epoxy boards. Ordinary probe aperture greater than 1.00 mm in the fixture, with its plate of plexiglass mostly plexiglass cheap prices, while relatively soft when drilling plexiglass have combined expansion and contraction of the probe casing and the hole tightly, as plexiglass is transparent governance problems are very easy to check. But ordinary plexiglass prone to melt and break during drilling drill, in particular an epoxy resin are used borehole diameter less than 0.8 mm when the plate-like drilling diameter less than 1 mm, the epoxy resin sheet is not easily broken drill bit which toughness and rigidity are some good but expensive, epoxy boards, so if there is no expansion and contraction will cause inaccurate drilling aperture very loose wobble between the casing and the hole probe. Opaque epoxy board checks if there is a problem of governance than the difficult, another plexiglass deformation temperature difference larger than epoxy board, if the density of the test requires the use of very high epoxy board. Selection and precision sheet metal drilling accuracy throughout the test fixture played a key role.
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