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The advantages of using a test fixture
   Test fixture is the essential equipment for electronic manufacturers and the demand of electronic products is increasing, the manufacturers is looking for ways to improve productivity cause the test fixture arise. Test fixture is using for all kinds of electronic products for the data detection. Tested products before enter the market to use. They are different categories and control mode in test fixture. Using the test fixture can bring lots of advantages to the manufactureers. As follows we will introduce the advantage to use test fixture for you.

   1. Test fast: test fixture have 3 control mode: manual, pneumatic and automatic. Each mode test fixture has the own advantages. Using test fixture fast and accurate than manual inspection.

   2. Reduce cost: reduce inspection workers, improve production, reduce component cost and damage due to miscarriage of justice and reduce maintenance cost.

   3. Test data storage and transfer: Statistics the Pass No. and the number of errors for each element on testing process. Transfer the data to effective management in order to test the pre-production process supervision.

   4. Increase production: Fixture test speed faster than the worker and efficiency improvement.

   Test fixture done automatically by the industrial PC, test fast, high accuracy and easy maintenance. Simultaneously test improvment efficiency and save labor costs. Ensure the integrity of the test products, reduce production costs. Improve production quality and reduce reliance on test personnel quality, streamline production processes. Increase productivity and enhance overall competitiveness. More accurate fault location for easy maintenance and the traditional methods can not detect an object to be tested.

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